The links included here represent a selection of websites with similar aims to those of Newark Civic Trust. All include their own links to related organisations and are a first entry point for enquirers and researchers interested in the buildings, history and heritage of our area of interest – the town of Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire.

Please note that Newark Civic Trust is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

  • The Civic Trust
    • The Civic Trust is the independent nationwide charity dedicated to helping communities make better places in which to live, work and play. The Civic Trust is the umbrella organisation for 700 Civic Societies across the country, representing a quarter of a million people, who care passionately about their environment.
    • ASHTAV is the Association of Historic Towns and Villages of the United Kingdom. ASHTAV works to unite amenity and civic societies, parish and town councils in small historic towns and villages throughout Britain to preserve the beauty, distinctiveness, social fabric and vitality of our historic towns.
  • British Association for Local History
    • The British Association for Local History is the national charity that promotes local history and serves local historians. It publishes The Local Historian, Local History News and books and pamphlets on local history.
  • The Georgian Group
    • The Georgian Group is the national charity dedicated to preserving and protecting Georgian buildings, monuments and landscapes and is consulted on over 6000 planning applications each year.
  • Jim Fisher’s Jottings
    • A wide ranging private website with some interesting material on the history of Newark.
  • Local History Online
    • Local History Online is one of the UK’s premier sites for local history, with over 300 links to sites both in the UK and overseas, regularly updated News and Calendar sections, directories of local history organisations and course providers, an on-line Bookshop and is the publisher of the Local History Magazine.
  • Newark Advertiser
    • The local newspaper for Newark and District.
  • Newark Archaeological & Local Historical Society
    • Newark Archaeological & Local Historical Society (NALHS) is a society formed to promote the interest in Newark and the immediate locality, both to local people and visitors further afield.
  • Newark Museum Service
    • Detailed information of Newark and Sherwood’s Museum services can be found at this web address.
  • Newark and Sherwood District Council
    • The Newark and Sherwood District Council main website includes current planning applications and building controls.
  • Newark Town Council
    • Newark Town Council website includes the latest news about the Town Council, details of Councillors, Mayor, Committees, events and recent documents available to the public.
  • Nottinghamshire Local History Association
    • NLHA was formed in 1953 to bring together people and organisations interested in all aspects of local history in the county.
  • Nottingham University Department of Manuscripts and Special Collections
    • The major archive collection based at Nottingham University.
  • Nottinghamshire Building Preservation Trust
    • The aim of the Nottinghamshire Building Preservation Trust is to protect, restore and enhance all historic buildings within the County of Nottinghamshire. The website includes current projects, buildings at risk and latest news.
  • The Nottinghamshire Family History Society
    • The Nottinghamshire Family History Society exists to bring together all who are interested in family history research, to help in the preservation and indexing of local genealogical records, and in the copying and publishing of such records.
  • Nottinghamshire Heritage Gateway
    • The Nottinghamshire Heritage Gateway is designed to provide a guide to the heritage resources of the county and a history of Nottinghamshire featuring the latest research.
  • Parish of Newark and Coddington
    • There are four churches in the parish of Newark-upon-Trent with Coddington, which is part of the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham. The home page contains links to the individual churches as well as dates and times of services and events.
  • Picture the Past
    • The Picture the Past website includes over 71,000 historic images from the public library and museum collections in Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.
  • Southwell Civic Society
    • Southwell Civic Society is a registered charity engaged in actively promoting high standards of planning and architecture in and around the historic town of Southwell. It fights to safeguard existing buildings of merit from demolition or neglect whilst celebrating well-designed new buildings and extensions. The Society is committed to stimulating public interest in the built environment within the town and the surrounding countryside and organises a regular series of social events, talks and visits.
  • The Thoroton Society
    • The Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire is the county’s principal historical and archaeological society. The Society’s aims are simple: to promote knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the history, archaeology and antiquities of Nottinghamshire, and to support local research and conservation. The Society’s website includes an extensive series of valuable links to sites of interest.
  • Trent Vale Landscape Partnership
    • The Trent Vale Landscape Partnership is a three-year scheme which has been formed to conserve, enhance and celebrate the cultural identity of the Trent Vale between Newark and Gainsborough. The focus will be on the communities, habitats and heritage that make the area so distinctive. It is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund with match funding and in-kind support coming from our partners, volunteers and community groups.
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